Preschools in Malaysia Suggest These Tips to Parents to Develop Critical Thinking in Children

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Preschools in Malaysia Suggest These Tips to Parents to Develop Critical Thinking in Children

What is Critical Thinking
The process of analyzing information, the ability to think clearly and rationally, and making informed decisions based on the analysis is called critical thinking.

Need of Critical Thinking Skill in Children
Learning to think critically is one of the most essential skills children must have in today’s rapidly changing world. Children need to be able to do much more than just repeat facts and information. In Preschools in Malaysia, children learn to analyze information, compare, contrast, and generate higher-order thinking skills.

Critical thinking includes observation, analysis, evaluation, interpretation, and then making decisions. Practical applications of concepts are needed in today's world rather than just remembering information.

Critical thinking ability will help your child to be active learners and will use their ability to reason, actively question ideas and assumptions instead of accepting them as passive learners.

It’s not too early to start. Best International School Malaysia recommends that parents must encourage children to think critically from an early age to generate curiosity and creativity in young minds. It helps them to gain a deeper understanding of things and their surroundings, enhancing their knowledge, strengths, and capabilities. Tips to follow to raise critical thinkers from an early age by Preschools in Malaysia.

Encourage asking questions like How and Why
Knowing only the definition or meaning of anything is not enough as that information can be superficial but when children ask how and why? They understand the cause and effect of a particular topic and it gives them real facts and answers.

Intervene only when necessary
We understand as parents you want your child to help in everything and be their support system. But you are making them rely on you for everything harmful. If you find your child is facing difficulty in solving puzzles or finding out things, then do not intervene immediately.

Give them some time to handle things by themselves so that they can think and try their best to find solutions by themselves. Best International School Malaysia teachers help children only when they are struggling for long and then help them indirectly by providing them clues so that they can think and then solve things.

Communicate your thought process or decision-making process to your child
While helping them always convey or communicate your ideas of solving things. Children learn best from observing so always communicate how you think and what methods you use or how you decide if something is good or bad. It will help them understand how to handle future challenges in an effective way.

Preschools in Malaysia encourage Hypotheses in children
Encourage your child to hypothesize before making any decision. For eg: If you choose this toy or bag, when will it happen And if you choose that toy or bag then what will happen

This will help them to know the outcome of the decision thus they will be able to make an informed decision. It will also help you to understand the thought process of your child, and if you find things that need to be changed, you can easily make changes in your teaching methods.

Follow-Up Questions is essential
When your child solves problems by themselves, ask them questions such as “how do you know this? Or How did you figure out that? And if you find the answer relevant then encourage them by giving them a good pat on their back or telling them encouraging words like Well done! Good Job.! as it will boost their confidence to learn more.

Encourage them to think from all perspective
Best International School Malaysia teachers help children to think from all perspectives. For eg:- If your child is not ready to give toys to other children. Ask them to think about how they must be feeling now or to keep themselves in their place and think and this will help them to think from others' perspectives.

Critical thinking is developed when children are given the freedom to make choices, and allowed to create something from scratch. So give them enough opportunity to learn by giving them access to the Best International School Malaysia Where they conduct different play-based curriculum for preschoolers which provides endless opportunities to try new things and see the actions/reactions in a safe and environment that facilitates learning. All these practical experiences give them an integral foundation for critical thinking skills.

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