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FSSAI act, 2006 sets out the rules for the enlistment of any food business in India. Notwithstanding FSSAI Registration rules, it additionally consolidates the consistent methodology which should be continued in planning the FSSAI logo.

FSSAI logo makes a special impression on the personalities of the likely clients as far as sterile climate and nature of the food. It is required for each food-related business to get a 14-digit FSSAI Registration number and get it engraved on the external bundling of the item. To defeat corruption in the item and make food authorizing a much straightforward cycle, an FSSAI permit has been made mandatory.

What is FSSAI Logo
FSSAI logo is more similar to a plan which means the legitimate permit of a Food business administrator (FBO). The 14-digit FSSAI permit is to be remembered for the FSSAI logo plan.

FSSAI logo recognizable proof should be possible by finding the FSSAI permit number engraved right close to its logo on food items. FSSAI License number is a 14-digit novel ID number allowed by FSSAI to assign food things/food business as consistent with food handling and good food taking care of practices.

It is legal just as protected practice to get an FSSAI item endorsement and get it confirmed as safe for utilization with the logo and the permit number. Getting the FSSAI permit number is crucial for food organizations. Here are some significant guidelines while applying for the food permit.

FSSAI Logo: Identification and License number
FSSAI logo ID is extremely easy to do. FSSAI issues the FSSAI License number is a 14-digit number to check the particular food things/food business as agreeable with food handling and good food taking care of practices. Indeed, even these days the presentation of different food aggregators like Swiggy, Zomato, and food panda, and so on, are likewise zeroing in on the significance of acquiring food permit numbers. The café which has an FSSAI permit number must be a band together with these food conglomerating applications. There is severe activity on the eateries that are selling food without a permit of FSSAI.


1. Utilization of logo with next to no authorization

Meeting, Functions, Events, Campaigns, Seminars, straightforwardly coordinated by the State/Union Territory (UT) Governments will permit the utilization of FSSAI Logo.

Occasions other than the ones referenced above will require a particular earlier endorsement from FSSAI.

The logo can be utilized according to FSSAIs Voluntary/Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Participation Guidelines for such occasions.

2. Utilization of logo for Events and different Publications

Consent to utilize the logo for occasions other than those coordinated by the FSSAI, States and Union Territories would be conceded dependent on the accompanying elements:

Coordinators history/profile

Type and Significance of the occasion

Sort of appointment and members included.

[Note: The benefits for every one of the variables referenced above will be critical in allowing the solicitation of utilizing/distributing the FSSAI logo on sites just as portals]

3. Utilization of logo for programs on Electronic Media

The solicitations for utilizing the FSSAI logo in shows on electronic media, for example, test rivalries, food shows, and so on will be considered dependent on the accompanying elements:

Sort of Show.

The profile of the Shows Producer.

An interest group of the specific show.

The substance being put out in the show and its emphasis on food sustenance.

The degree to which the show can pitch conveying food handling and sustenance rehearse.

4. Strategy for the award of authorization to utilize the FSSAI logo.

The solicitations for the utilization of the logo ought to be shipped off the principle FSSAI Office viz. FDA Bhavan, Kotla Road, New Delhi in a given organization.

FSSAI has the power to demand any extra subtleties before they endorse the solicitation for the FSSAI logo.

5. There will be no monetary responsibility/obligation joined to the FSSAI while consenting to permit the utilization of FSSAI as well as its drives logos.

6. Authorization conceded will be dependent upon the accompanying conditions.

FSSAI holds the option to pull out authorization for utilization of its logo by giving fitting notification.

FSSAI likewise holds the option to see the logo that is being utilized by the association before its finish.

7. When the authorization is conceded for the FSSAI logo, it should be shown unmistakably in the setting.

8. FSSAI will pass on any questions emerging out of copyright infringement by the occasion coordinators.

9. Assuming authorization to utilize the logo is allowed, it won't give the coordinators the option to have conversations to gather cash in any structure for the sake of FSSAI.

10. The utilization of the logo whenever allowed, ought not to be utilized to show in any structure that FSSAI license underwrites any food item/food business, it should simply mean to demonstrate that food business has been guaranteed by FSSAI as having agreed to their guidelines and rules for utilizing the logo.

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